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126% Increase in Organic Traffic for Rootfin

RootfinRootfin is an independent life insurance agency. Their primary goal is to serve and educate their clients. They have helped thousands of people find the best rates for their life insurance.

The Challenge

Rootfin's website was experiencing a slow but steady decline in traffic since several months. They wanted their traffic trending upward back to where it was and eclipse it.

They knew they had SEO weaknesses but didn't know what they were and how to solve them.

The Solution

I performed a website audit and identified on-site weaknesses preventing Roofin's content to rank where it should and reach their potential customers. I then prioritized the findings and split them into different parts. This allowed them to see results early on and avoid getting overwhelmed. Lastly, I provided additional advice so they can keep growing on their own.

The Results

Rootfin organic traffic doubled. Their traffic is trending upward and September was their highest organic traffic month ever.

Organic traffic increase

Organic traffic increase

Organic percentage increase

Conversions numbers followed closely.

Conversion percentage increase

Organic position evolution: SEMrush organic positions

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