Charles McLaughlin

I've been doing online marketing since 2004. I currently lead the marketing team at Laserax. I also build niche websites and occasionally take clients for SEO coaching or consulting.

What I Do

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is my favorite marketing channel and the one I have the most experience with. Through on-site SEO and link building, I have helped dozens of clients drastically increase their organic traffic, leading to meaningful results for their business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing allows you to rank for everything that your customers are searching for. From the strategy to execution, I find professional writers and work with them to produce high-quality content that ranks and converts.

Paid Ads

Although not as cool as SEO, paid ads are a great way to quickly get targeted traffic and test different messaging. I have launched and optimized multiple successful campaigns over the years.

Affiliate Marketing

As a side project, I build, buy, and sell websites around my interests monetized through affiliate marketing and advertising.