140% Increase in Search Traffic within 3 Months for Easy Ear Training

Easy Ear Training logoEasy Ear Training is an innovative music education technology company. They provide free quality articles to help musicians improve their ear and develop digital products like ear training apps, ebooks and courses.

The Challenge

Despite having quality content and working on different site improvements, Easy Ear Training was experiencing a downward trend in organic traffic in the first half of 2013.

Seeing they were not ranking and receiving the organic traffic they deserved, they realized that great content isn’t enough and that they needed guidance to scale up the business through SEO.

The Solution

Through an SEO diagnostic audit, I first identified every issue and opportunities and prioritized them.

We then worked together elaborating and implementing solutions to the most important on-site issues to benefit SEO, user experience and conversion.

Some of the areas we worked on:

  • Overall site architecture
  • Menu structure
  • URLs Structure
  • Internal links
  • Indexing (canonical, noindex & 404)
  • Content relevancy

Finally, I prepared a content and link development strategy to keep the upward organic traffic trend going. They are currently implementing it.

The Results

Focusing on the on-site first allowed Easy Ear Training to build a strong foundation that will benefit their site for years and make every backlink count more.

Tackling their on-site SEO alone lead to a 140% increase in organic traffic and 177% increase in leads within 3 months, numbers that are still growing every week.

EET organic traffic increase

October versus July search visits:

July vs October visits

"Charles is superb and I recommend him highly whenever I'm talking to other entrepreneurs and the subject of SEO comes up. He is friendly, professional and reliable, and I've found him to be a pleasure to work with.

More importantly, he gets results. Instead of resorting to shady short-sighted SEO tricks, Charles takes a long-term view and aims to improve a website both for the human visitor and the search engines. As a result our site is now easier to navigate and gets the most valuable content in front of our visitors more effectively - and Google has taken note!

We've seen our organic traffic rise steadily and significantly since hiring Charles, and with the ongoing strategies he has recommended I have no doubt this will continue."

Christopher Sutton - Easy Ear Training