317% Increase in Organic Traffic Within 6 Months

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Office Timeline helps make beautiful timelines and gantt chart for business presentations that will impress colleagues and thrill clients.

Goals & Challenges

Migrate to a new website with a fresh design and better user experience while maintaining SEO positions and traffic.

Position Office Timeline for new high volume keywords while preserving the ones they had.

Reach a specific number of organic traffic with a set deadline.

Train their development team for SEO best practices and avoid costly mistakes.

Solutions Provided

  1. Initial on-site audit and guidance for migration of the new website.
  2. On-going strategic and technical on-site SEO over 6 months. Improvement of:
    • Site architecture
    • HTML code
    • Keyword targeting
    • Internal linking
    • Content relevancy
    • URLs structure
    • Canonicals
  3. Link acquisition guidance.
  4. Skype training calls with the development team.

The Results

Seven months after the first implementation, Office Timeline surpassed their stretch goal with a 317% increase in organic traffic (Year over year).

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Ranking increase reported by SEMrush:

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