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HTTP to HTTPS Migration Services

  • Want to switch to HTTPS without risking your SEO? I am here to help you avoid the headaches and stress about losing rankings, traffic, and business.

    Done for You Small/Medium Websites Migration

    With Let's Encrypt and lowering cost of SSL certificates, it's becoming easier and affordable to move to HTTPS. However, there is no one size fits all checklist for a successful migration.

    Whether you are on Wordpress or another platform, my expertise and experience migrating dozens of websites will save you from costly migration mistakes.

    HTTPS Migrations can include:

    • SSL Certificate Installation
    • CDN Configuration
    • Google Search Console Setup & Configuration
    • Links/resources Update and Redirects
    • External Images Import
    • Insecure Mixed Content Audit
    • 30 Day Ranking Monitoring
    • Migration Summary Report

    Large Website HTTPS Migration Consulting

    For bigger sites, proper preparation and execution is crucial to a successful migration. Websites in competitive industries need every advantage to rank higher. Don't wait until all your competitors are on HTTPS.

    This service includes:

    • Pre-migration/Pre-production Crawl and Audit
    • Custom HTTPS Migration Checklist
    • Post-migration Crawl and Review
    • 30 Days Monitoring

    If you'd like to discuss migrating your site to HTTPS, get in touch.

    HTTPS Migration Audit

    Did your migration went wrong? If you lost traffic after migrating to HTTPS, I can help you identify and solve the problems.

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  • Testimonials

    "Charles has taken several of my high trafficked money sites and converted them from HTTP to HTTPS. I was nervous about the switch because I know if it's not done right there could be a drop in rankings/traffic, but it was smooth and turned out to be a great decision. I've continued to refer other website owners to his HTTPS conversion service and all of them have high praise."
    Jeff Root,

  • "I hired Charles as a consultant during the migration of our main website to HTTPS. With this site being the core of our business, it was a highly critical project, and Charles did an impeccable job ensuring a seamless transition. He´s extremely knowledgeable and detail-oriented, and was able to guide us through the whole process and quickly identify any issues."
    Erick Nassar,

  • "Charles migrated my site from HTTP to HTTPS quickly and easily requiring minimal effort from my end. I was cautious about who I hired to do this because the site is my main business and I'm extremely happy to say that I would use Charles' services again in the future."
    Chris Ching,