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Thailand Retreat - Recap and Insights from 2012

Beach in Thailand

One week left before going back to "normal life" in Vietnam. This trip in Thailand so far has been a great occasion to get out of intensive work mode, clear my mind, and reflect on the direction I want my life to take in 2013.

Traveling for about 30 hours of bus and boat rides between Bangkok and the different Thailand islands left me with a lot of time to do just that. I feel it was like therapy! And I have about 20 more hours waiting to go back to Bangkok and then Saigon.

When I think of my 2012 successes, I am really proud of what I accomplished and made happen. Here's a summary:

  • I got rid of about 90% of my stuff
  • I moved to Barcelona and started my location-independent journey
  • I moved to Vietnam to experience Southeast Asia lifestyle
  • I traveled in 4 new countries (Spain, Portugal, Vietnam and Thailand)
  • I have become a more sociable person and met incredible people
  • I significantly improved my productivity
  • I got out of my comfort zone more than ever

I failed

There are also failures I have endured and several goals that won't be accomplished before my New Year deadline. The numbers are actually a little shameful, but real. Out of the 15 goals I set for the last quarter, 3 were fully accomplished, 6 were given a "fair shot" or in progress, 1 made me realize I needed to make a change and drop the goal, and 5 will be total failures.

What happened?

I started to doubt the importance of some of the goals and my capacity to accomplish them. Therefore I stopped committing myself to them and my attention shifted to other things.

Insights from 2012 successes and (especially) failures

  1. Stop beating myself up
    I am becoming more and more aware of when it happens and how harmful beating myself up is. Regrets over past events, choices, or not being where I want to be just make the present worst.

  2. Stop overthinking and accomplish more
    I'm often afraid of pursuing the wrong things, or not the optimal ones. It gets me into a thinking mode that paralyzes me from taking any action. The fact is it doesn't really matter, making a decision and fully committing to it is what matters.

  3. Define a clearer life plan
    This is something I started to draft but I need to make it a lot clearer and organize it to determine where I want to be in 3-6 months and in 1-3-5-10-20 years.

  4. Let go of ego
    I thought I knew about ego before reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This book makes you realize how negatively powerful ego is, why you should let it go and live in the present. I highly recommended it.

That said, I am now ready to kick in 2013 and make the most out of it!


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