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SEO does not Equal Gaming Search Engines

I went to a meet up this morning about traffic and conversions. The guy presenting knew his stuff and was passionate about tracking and conversion. His passion was definitely contagious and made me want to do more testing and go beyond what I’m mainly doing right now: on-site SEO.

However at one point he said something that struck me:

"I don’t really like SEO because I don’t like gaming search engines.”

I was stunned to realize that an experienced online marketer like him have such a preconceived and wrong idea of what SEO is. And he told that to at least a dozen people who most likely believed him.

(Edited on March 29: After exchanging a few messages with the guy I'm referring to above, I realized I wrongly assumed what his stance was about SEO. After giving him a chance to clarify, turns out it is not what he meant. Even if I didn't include his name, it was wrongly addressed and I apologize to him for that.)

To me, it's the equivalent of saying:

“I don’t really like conversion optimization, because I don’t like gaming visitors.”

I’m not blaming him, it’s a common misconception that if you’re doing SEO, you’re gaming search engines.

Unfortunately many SEOs still can’t find anything better to do than gaming search engines. And it doesn’t help giving SEO a good reputation.

But SEO means "search engine optimization", not "search engines gaming”.

Don’t get me wrong, you can use SEO to game the search engines. but SEO alone doesn't imply gaming anyone. Black-hat or grey-hat SEO does.

Having experienced both sides, I have found that using SEO to improve your site for search engines and users has much more potential and is a lot more rewarding.

Ask one of my recent client if we gamed the search engines to increase his traffic 140% from on-site SEO.

I do SEO because I love how looking through the lens of search engines algorithm allow me to help great businesses improve their site. I am not gaming anything or anyone…

What do you think about SEO?

Let me know in the comments.

Update: RE: RE: SEO does not Equal Gaming Search Engines

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