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RE: RE: SEO does not Equal Gaming Search Engines

After getting criticized for using "blatant gaming" while my post was stating otherwise, I revisited these choices I made 2 years ago when I launched this site. I mentioned in my initial post that I experimented both sides. But I acknowledge I should have made sure my own site aligns with what I believe.

I’ve became more interested in doing SEO ethically over time, and especially in the last year. Since then I turned down the requests where I felt the client didn’t deserve or was not ready to put the work to deserve their rankings.

The way Charles (GodofSEO) articulated his post, it was hard for me not to get defensive at first. I think his conclusions are debatable. But after giving it some thoughts, I give him reason and will remove the links he pointed out.

You might also notice that my site is not really well optimized. I’ve spent most of my time working on clients sites instead of getting mine right. In French we'd say "cordonnier mal chaussé”, shame on me!

For the benefit of all: I’m currently ranking #2 in Google Canada for “SEO consultant" and #1 in many countries for “independent SEO”. I’m looking forward to see how removing these will affect my rankings.

P.S. I still believe SEO can bring great results without gaming search engines.

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