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Making it Happen, Getting Things Done

It's been my third week here in Montreal and I must say I love it!

I found a great co-working space, I just moved into what is in my opinion the best area of Montreal (Plateau-Mont-Royal), girls are beautiful and I'm getting a lot of things done, moving me forward towards my 2012 goals.

I spent a bunch of time reflecting about "making it happen" lately, so a blog post on the subject is a great way to summarize my thoughts.

But first, what did I get done in the last three weeks?

  • Bought my one-way flight to Vietnam [Departure: November 6]
  • Booked a room on Airbnb for November in Saigon
  • Ran a quarter marathon
  • Started a self-defense course
  • Got my plan ready to gain 15 pounds in 30 days [Starting October 7]
  • I went to two business conferences/meetups
  • I've been more productive with clients’ work

And what failed?

  • Attempted to go skydiving [Cancelled because of rain]
  • Find a Spanish teacher [Unsuccessful attempts and I became overwhelmed with other stuff]
  • I am late on my posting schedule to reach my 12 blog posts goal [Shame on me]

What prevent us from making it happen?

Analyzing all the different reasons I didn't make things happen in the past, I think it all comes down to two or three fundamental reasons: fear, laziness, and lack of commitment.

These are the reasons I said things like "I will travel Europe" or "I will run an half marathon" in the past and never made them happen.

How I am getting better at making it happen

I have realized lately that my biggest moment of growth always comes after taking a risk. It is easier to take more risks and not let fear stop me since that realization.

I'm planning and writing tasks ahead of time so my mind can then concentrate on performing the tasks instead of remembering. I'm also using Time Tracker on many of the tasks I’ve been doing lately. Knowing that the timer is running seems to make me more productive.

I don't let those voices from my unconscious and other people influence my plans or determine the limits of what I can do.

I'm training myself to control my state of mind and focus. No more "I don't feel like working today" or "I'm feeling depressed today." I didn't believe you could really control your state of mind until listening to Personal Power from Tony Robbins—great stuff!

I'm becoming a lot less afraid of failure. I know it will happen and I'm ready to transform any failure into a learning experience.

And lastly, I have decided to stay fully committed to my goals list, even if I happen to change my mind about what I feel I want.

And you, how do you make things happen?

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