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Changing my blog focus, and moving again, and again!

Writing about my lifestyle and travels has been harder to keep up with than I first expected. After my last post a few months ago, I said to myself, "Man, this blogging thing is too hard, why not just enjoy life and spend more time on more important stuff…?"

However, despite not being a priority, writing about my journeys is still something I want to do. Why? I want to make sure I live a life worth writing about, contribute and connect with more people. Therefore, I decided that I will publish further posts about these topics on a great platform called Medium.

So what's up with this blog?

To better align with my business objectives, this blog will now focus on what I do as a living: SEO. I have more than 8 years' experience in this field, it's about time I start to share, connect with more SEOs and contribute to more people than my clients.

Moving to Montreal

After 7 months in Vietnam and 3 months in Spain, it was about time to catch up with family and friends! Montreal is officially my hub in Quebec. It is not as nice as Quebec City, but it's still one of my favorite cities for its international scene, aliveness and open-minded people.

If you're around, hit me up!

Next Big Move

By mid-October, I'll be on my way to discover a new continent: South America.

More to come about that later!

Stepping up my game

I've been doing well since I started this location-independent journey about 16 months ago. I definitely proved myself I can maintain my business and travel or live where I want, cool!

And now I want more… This is not a destination but a journey. Until recently, I had limiting beliefs about enjoying this lifestyle and growing my business. Special thanks to Dan and Jon who opened my eyes and inspired me to set the bar higher!

Back on the blogging bike.

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