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Back from Spain...Preparing for a bigger jump!

After 3 months in Spain, it was time for me to fly back to my hometown for a few days. I won't go into the details of why I had to come back but I can tell you one thing: I would have stayed longer!

Barcelona Montjuic 180

The mix of friendly ambiance, laid back people, nearby beaches, impressive architecture and sights, great tapas and nightlife are just some of what make Barcelona such an awesome city to live in. I'm not sure when, but I will definitely go back.

Part of me knew I had to leave Barcelona and knew that the more time I spent there the harder it would be! I had to do it at one point anyway and follow my goal to experience the lifestyles of different cities. A week in Donnacona/Quebec City

Staying for a week in my hometown was perfect. It allowed me to catch up with family and friends and get some paperwork done. I also noticed I didn't get the post-trip depression I used to have after vacation.

In fact, I think the reason the post-trip depression didn't occur is because I'm still at the beginning of this journey and Barcelona was only part one of a much bigger journey. I am really excited about what's coming up :).

What's coming up?

My new city for the next 2 months will be Montreal. I've been there several times before but never really experienced the lifestyle. I'm writing this post on a terrace on Saint-Laurent Street (with a good Quebec beer beside my laptop) and I feel Montreal will be the perfect place to cross off a few more goals, see old friends and prepare the bigger move to my next city: Saigon, Vietnam.

First goal accomplished

Running a 10km was my highlight of last week. I realized that it was easier than I thought! I even thought about going for the half-marathon (21.1km) in a couple weeks. Then I realized that I already have enough goals to accomplish before the end of 2012.

If you could live in any city in the world, which one would you choose? Why?

Let me know in the comments!

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