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A new lifestyle...and the beginning of SEOCharles

In early April 2012, I made a decision that led to major changes in my life. Whithin about a week, I sold the majority of my stuff, transferred my lease, and booked a one-way flight to Barcelona.

Barcelona View

Looking at it from Barcelona four months later, I honestly think it’s the best decision I've made in my life. The shift of priorities I had on this day led me to an exciting adventure that is actually just starting! Selling my stuff and moving to Spain was in fact the result of a bigger decision I made that day: I’m trying a new lifestyle based on new priorities.

Here are my new top 3 priorities:

  1. Being location-independent
  2. Avoiding routine and the 9-5
  3. Getting out of my comfort zone as much as possible

Why I decided to do this?

Why not? I like seeing people's reactions when I give this answer. A more appropriate answer would be: Because I felt it’s what would make me truly happy and I didn’t want to settle for anything less than that anymore. What I have gained from doing this so far?

  • I have made more friends in the last 2 months than in the past 2 years
  • I have met incredibly interesting people from all around the world
  • I realized that this lifestyle is truly possible and I can get better at it
  • I learned once more that work done is way more important than time spent working
  • It keeps me motivated to push myself and get more work done

I officially welcome you to my new website! Thanks to Spektrum Media for their amazing design and development work, you guys rock! This site is my new platform for my new lifestyle and will serves two purposes:

  1. Showcase my services as an SEO Consultant
  2. Share my new lifestyle experiences and hopefully inspire others at some point

Why in English?

You might have noticed from my writing that English is not my first language. Or maybe because you know me personally… I decided to go for English because I feel I will be able to reach more people this way, and becoming 100% fluent in English is on my list of goals for 2012. I’m still a proud Québécois and most of the time I say I’m from Quebec before Canada. Unsurprisingly, most people outside Canada have no idea where Quebec is :)

What do you think about my new lifestyle and website?

Please let me know in the comments!

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