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A Goal is Simply a Dream with a Deadline

The last few months have been full of awesome experiences and represented an important turning point in my life. To keep this momentum going and keep pushing myself further, I've recently come to the realization that I need something more: a goals list.

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I've seen the positive effects of publishing such a list from a couple bloggers but one has particularly inspired me to create my own: Danny Dover. His complete dedication to his life list has definitely brought him a lot more than I could have imagined a couple months ago.

According to studies and many successful people, saying goals out loud makes them more real and greatly increases your commitment and the chances of making them happen. I want all chances on my side, so with a little stress (out of comfort zone) I decided to publish this list here.

The 3 rules of comitment to my goals

  1. The list must be completed by Dec 31th, 2012
  2. I cannot remove any item from the list
  3. If I fail to execute or make happen any item, I must write a post explaining why

"A goal is a dream with a deadline" Napoleon Hill - I came across that quote recently and it stayed in my mind. The items in this list are either goals in themselves or milestones related to a bigger goal.

My Goals List for the Last Quarter of 2012

  • Go experience the lifestyle somewhere in Southeast Asia Checkbox
  • Gain 15 pounds (of muscle) in 30 days [failed: took 5 pounds]
  • Run a quarter marathon Checkbox
  • Jump from an airplane
  • Take a self-defense course Checkbox
  • Take a course/intercambio to become semi-fluent in Spanish
  • Take a Salsa course
  • Become completely fluent in written/spoken English
  • Find a lifestyle business mentor
  • Track all my personal expenses for 30 days
  • Ask myself 3 specific questions every morning for 30 days
  • Go to at least 12 business/entrepreneur conferences or meet-up [5/12]
  • Get 5 new clients for my new SEO Coaching service [3/5]
  • Get my eCommerce store revenue over five figures a month
  • Write at least 12 blog posts on this blog

As I complete each goal I will either write a blog post about it or update the status here. Feel free to ask me how I am doing at any time :)

What do you think about my goals list?

Please let me know in the comments!

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