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A little more about me

Thank you for stopping by! I'm Charles McLaughlin Piché, an independent SEO Consultant, musician and traveler.

This website was launched in 2012 after I decided to sell everything and move to Spain. I have since then lived in 5 different countries, helped dozens of clients with their SEO, and recently re-established myself in one of my favorite city: Québec.

Who I work with?

I work with business owners, in-house SEOs, marketing directors and their teams.

How I got into SEO?

As with most things that last, SEO chose me more than I chose it. It started back in 2003 when a client I designed a website for asked me to get him ranked in this new thing called Google. Curiosity led to multiple hours reading forums and experimenting with search engine optimization.

Less than a year later, this client business nearly doubled and they stopped giving 30k / year to Yellow Pages for print ads. This was the beginning of my SEO journey.

Why Work with SEOCharles?

  • Incremental, step by step approach (develop a relationship)
  • Work & communicate directly with the SEO expert
  • Collaborative: work with the existing team
  • Attention to brand image and vision

Contact information

You can also contact me by email, on Twitter or Facebook.

What Others are Saying

"Charles is superb and I recommend him highly whenever I'm talking to other entrepreneurs and the subject of SEO comes up. He is friendly, professional and reliable, and I've found him to be a pleasure to work with.

More importantly, he gets results. Instead of resorting to shady short-sighted SEO tricks, Charles takes a long-term view and aims to improve a website both for the human visitor and the search engines. As a result our site is now easier to navigate and gets the most valuable content in front of our visitors more effectively - and Google has taken note!

We've seen our organic traffic rise steadily and significantly since hiring Charles, and with the ongoing strategies he has recommended I have no doubt this will continue."
Christopher Sutton, Easy Ear Training

Danny Dover

"Charles is the guy I go to when I have SEO questions and is one of the few consultants I recommend when I am not able to take on new clients. His honest approach to SEO and user experience will bring results to your business that go way beyond just rankings and traffic."
Danny Dover - Author, SEO Secrets

"Charles is a real expert not only in SEO, but for all aspects of your online marketing, I highly recommend him. His judgment, analytical skills and pro-active side will bring real results to your business!"
Francis Frenette, Industrial Alliance

In less than three weeks, I have reached a position in Google which place us among the leaders in the industry. The professionalism of Charles, his good advice, and the intelligence of its results-oriented approach allowed us to greatly expand our client base. Thank you so much!"
Tristan Le Breton, Thermas


Quebec City River

The idea with SEOCharles was to create a business around my interests and on my own terms.

This led me to live in 5 different countries, live amazing experiences, and meet amazing people.

I’m now based in beautiful Québec City. Outside work I play music, spend time with friends and family, and go on small trips.

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is 

― Heraclitus

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