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  • 317% Increase in Organic Traffic Within 6 Months

    Office Timeline helps make beautiful timelines and gantt chart for business presentations that will impress colleagues and thrill clients.

    Written in: SEO CASE STUDY

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  • 126% Increase in Organic Traffic for Rootfin

    Rootfin is an independent life insurance agency. Their primary goal is to serve and educate their clients. They have helped thousands of people find the best rates for their life insurance.

    The Challenge

    Rootfin's website was experiencing a slow but steady decline in traffic since several months. They wanted their traffic trending upward back to where it was and eclipse it.

    Written in: SEO CASE STUDY

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  • RE: RE: SEO does not Equal Gaming Search Engines

    After getting criticized for using "blatant gaming" while my post was stating otherwise, I revisited these choices I made 2 years ago when I launched this site. I mentioned in my initial post that I experimented both sides and to be honest I’ve done much worst than that before.

    Written in: SEO

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