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Hey, I'm Charles, an independent SEO Consultant. I help Internet companies and startups accelerate their growth through superior SEO. You can read more about me here, or get in touch there.


85% of online transactions begin with a Web search

Are you search engine visible?

75% of Web traffic originates from search engines

Increase visibility, get more traffic

Pay per click = Immediate visibility

Paid search and SEO work wonder together

How effective is your SEO?

To get where you want to be, you must first know where you are. Ask Charles.


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How search engine optimization can help you

If you want to improve your website, rank better in search engines and generate more business online, I can help you. I use ethical SEO principles that help companies deserve their rankings and improve their user experience and conversion rate at the same time.

Improve your Website

I go beyond SEO by making sure it aligns with great UX, branding and conversion. Because robots don't buy products or services, humans do...

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SEO Audit

A comprehensive site audit is a complete assesment of your website from an SEO standpoint. It is the best way to get your SEO on track and make the most out of your site potential to attract organic traffic.

SEO Consulting

Most websites could perform better in search and profit from a steady growth and the long term benefit of SEO. With 10 years of experience improving websites rankings, traffic and sales, my goal is to help you succeed online.

SEO Mentoring

If you want to learn the "secrets" and have an expert providing feedback and advice on your strategies and tactics, my mentoring service might just be the best thing for your situation.